Biological Sciences

The Biological, Physical, and Health Sciences department occupies a focal point in the basic and applied science education of students at East-West University. Ours is a rapidly expanding academic program and you will find several certificate programs in the healthcare field on this webpage with an option of Associate degree or Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts.

The common thread that runs through everything we do in the Biological, Physical, and Health Sciences department is commitment. We are deeply committed to the sound education and ultimate success of our students. As a policy, we also seek to make opportunities available for both traditional and non-traditional students with the realization that everybody deserves a shot at the American dream through affordable, quality education. Our webpage will also provide you with general information on our bulletin board, course description, faculty and staff, and much more.

To prospective students, no matter the stage of life you find yourself – perhaps you are searching for a second chance or you are ready for a career change – we encourage you to complete our online inquiry form as a first step. This lets us know of your interest and we can send you relevant application materials.

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Dr. Olusola Ajayi

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