Dr. Elizabeth Afriyie

Biological Sicences


Professor Afriyie holds a doctoral degree in Healthcare Education and Gerontology, M.A in General Psychology with Health concentration, M.Ad.Edin Adult Education and Health Psychology and, BS in Education and Social Psychology.

Dr. Afriyie has been a faculty member for East West University for 9 years. She is a professor in both Biological Sciences and Behavioral Sciences Departments.Previously,she was an academic advisor for the university. She is affiliated with University of Cape Coast, Ghana, where she is also a professor in the Department of Science and Mathematics Education for the postgraduate diploma program. She serves as an educational and research committee member for Kwame Inkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana Alumni for coordinating educational, technological and research activities between the university and universities in the U.S; searching, recruiting faculty members for the university and initiating exchange programs between the university students and their counterparts in the U.S.

Dr. Afriyie’s research interests focus on biopsychological aspects of chronic and infectious diseases, psychological barriers of prostate cancer and minority men, the relationship between basic knowledge of prostate cancer and high incidence and mortality rates among minority men, advanced stage prostate cancer caregiving and analysis of caregivers’ quality of life, the impact of old patient communication problem and the risk of preventable adverse events in healthcare settings, the difference between emerging problems of older adults in developed and developing countries, psychological and physiological aspects of aging and it implication for chronic diseases.

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