General Sciences Program

In pursuit of the mission of the University, the Biological, Physical, and Health Sciences department has created a practical and unique program that serves as a bridge for students who need to strengthen their preparedness for the challenges and rigors of the life sciences for careers in nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, medicine, et cetera. The General Sciences Program works with students where they are and steadily moves them to where they need to be.


While courses such as Memory and Learning focus on raising the cognitive capacity of students, the fundamentals of Biology and Chemistry are addressed in the Introductory General Biology and Introductory Chemistry respectively. Having completed such necessary foundational courses, students then proceed to College-level Biology and Chemistry courses.


In addition, the General Science Program will broaden the horizon of students with courses such as Environmental Science, Introduction to Nature or Health and Fitness. In all, this certificate program is the perfect fit for students who refuse to give up in spite of foundational problems in high school or because they have been out of school for a while; the General Science Program also provides such students an option of earning an Associate degree or Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts.


Opportunity exists for an Associate Degree or Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts!

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