Sleep disorders are on the rise in America. The Polysomnography Program at East-West University consists of theoretical and practical modules and is designed to prepare students for employment in hospitals, neurology laboratories, and sleep disorders centers. Students intern at some of Chicago’s best Polysomnographic laboratories including The University of Chicago Medical Center and Northshore University Health System. Initially, students are trained in normal physiology of sleep and pathophysiology of sleep disorders. They are taught the theoretical and technical aspects of recording as well as protocols in polysomnographic studies.


Then, event recognition and management, scoring, and abnormal sleep tracings are explored. In addition, students learn about other procedures performed in sleep laboratories such as multiple sleep latency testing (MSLT) and multiple wake testing (MWT). Information pertaining to patient preparation, safety, documentation, professionalism, medical ethics, and pediatric sleep are emphasized. Students are taught in preparation for the board examinations given by the American Board for the Registration of Polysomnographic Technologists.


Opportunity exists for an Associate Degree or Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts!

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