Current Students

English and Communications majors at East-West University are fun-loving, friendly, talented, hardworking and diverse.  Among them there are young full time students and adults who juggle school, job and family; there are people of many races and religions.  On this page you will be able to see some of their work.


What our students do

 Sunny Rashad, class of 2015

 Abyss  by  Duncan Aernis Maleron

Do not seek that which hides in the dark

For you and your life are unwelcome spark

Shining and burning with a hideous sheen

To the scores of beasts hidden and unseen

                                                - Anonymous

Jillian didn't know where to begin with Steven, how dare he call her after what he did. She wouldn't forgive him, not this time. If he wanted to be a playboy, she'd let him.

“No skin off my nose” she scoffed to herself. She’d replace him like she’d done before, maybe with another one of his friends to really twist the knife. As she contemplated her plot, she brushed passed a burly figure in a trench coat and a fedora, making his way slowly down the road they shared. 

“Excuse you” she sniped; the figure didn’t respond, he only continued on his path, moving as though he was compelled by some unseen force.
“Hello!” Jillian fumed, her green eyes vivid with flames of hatred and scorn. “Figures, you men just think you can treat us women however you want, don’tcha!”

Again there was no response, the figure simply continued to slowly lurch down the pathway, never changing his pace or his stride.  This only made Jillian angrier. (to read more, click here


 Eidolon by Duncan Aernis Maleron

Trust not in resolve
For it will waiver and quake
Leaving nothing behind
But a ripened soul to take

Matthew Burgess was a facsimile of what he thought others wanted him to be. He felt it had always been expected that he'd be just average: nothing more and nothing less. He was currently a dark brunette, though he was born natural blonde. He had vivid, translucent blue eyes, but those were too pretty so he wore contacts to darken his eye color to a muted brown. Everything about him, was concerted to make sure he was inoffensive to whatever social group he was a part of at the time. It was why he was in the bar tonight. He didn't like to drink, but his “buddies” did so he would drink as much as he could handle and embarrass himself. It kept him “in”.

At least, that was the way he thought until she came to “his” bar. (to read more, click here)


Lorenzo McCray, class of 2014

In my Persuasion and Research class I learned that the CPS Debate League was in need of volunteer judges. I contacted the league and was sent to schools that were mostly on the far West side of the city, where I grew up.  I did not need training, because I am a college student who has taken debate classes and came with a recommendation from my college professor.

The CPS Debate League was a great experience for me because I saw how hard the students work on the subjects - it came from their hearts. The CPS Debate League gave the students the opportunity to speak on subjects such as port security, transportation in the US, and gun laws in the US. The league taught the students communication skills such as speaking speed under a time limit and pronunciation of words.

My personal experience with being a debate judge was fun because I gave the debaters feedback on what they can do to improve. Being a debate judge was also challenging at times because I could not take sides on the subject, but needed to choose the side that presented their information accurately. The food was good - I would say they did cater to the debaters' needs!  Besides, I received a small stipend, which shows that the league is in need of more judges.

Though I initially went to earn extra credit for my Persuasion class, I really enjoyed being a part of the CPS Debate League because it teaches the young generation issues that are not only in our communities but around the world. And I am thankful for being a part of it.


Nour Karadsheh, Class of 2015 

As a transfer student, I did not expect how welcoming the school was when I walked through the doors of East-West University. I have made a lot of friends just by going to classes and I am learning new things every day from students and the faculty. Living on campus has got me to become closer to the school to be able to meet with the teachers anytime during the day when I needed the help.

East-West is a good school for English and Communication majors like me.  I have learned valuable literature. I have learned from the teachers who explain each reading in great detail, whether it is the study of language and how the mind works, or fictional stories by Edgar Allan Poe. I believe that going to class I have expanded my vocabulary just from the literature that I have been studying.

I did not expect how friendly and helpful the teachers are; they take the time to keep students motivated. The English department here at East-West has been so helpful with leading me into the right way to my future. I have had no trouble coming to my teachers at their office hours just to ask for help or ask a simple question. I think students at East-West are good willed, strong, and intelligent individuals that are capable of enduring any challenges that they may face.

I feel confident going to East-West to complete my Bachelor degree, not only because of the curriculum, but with opportunities that the school provides. I am on my way to take an internship course with the help of the faculty to get me to work with film production here in the Chicago area.

I strongly recommend East-West to build off for future success. I believe students can work their way to accomplish anything that they want to do with the right resources, dedication, and motivation to keep going to school.


Rafeeq Burton, class of 2014

Lydia stood in place surrounded by forest and trees, the sky above darkening with clouds as thunder rolled through and lightning streaked across overhead. The wind drudged up around her, twirling and twisting in one place like a miniature tornado acting as a shield, blowing her dark brown hair around her face, ever so often exposing her light brown eyes that danced with fire and power. Her blue skinny jeans which hugged her lower half were torn and ripped at the ankles exposing her cut skin, blood streaking down to the ground. Lydia's brown leather jacket was missing its entire left sleeve exposing her milk chocolate skin which was just as bruised and bloodied as her legs. Assorted autumn leaves were flung around her by the wind and her magic, nature answering to her every whim and command. “You're a WIZARD Ambrose?” Lydia exclaimed over the howling winds and roaring thunder, every ounce of her energy focused on keeping up the storm that was beginning to form. Directly in front of Lydia was Ambrose, the boy she had come to trust, the boy she had come to befriend, the boy she had begun to love, and the boy who had betrayed her. Ambrose stood (to read more, click here)

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