Welcome! We are pleased that you are interested in attending East-West University (EWU). Congratulations on choosing to continue your educational career!


We will carefully evaluate your transcripts to make sure you receive maximum educational credit.  


Transfer students with Associate's Degree will be accepted as Juniors, and  EWU will accept at least 92 quarter hours (60 semester hours).


If you do not change your major during transfer, East-West University policy is to accept all credits in your major from your previous college (except D grades).  


East-West University has transfer agreements with a number of two-year colleges: 

  • City Colleges of Chicago in Behavioral and Social Sciences (click here to read the text of the agreement)
  • Northwestern Business College in Computer Science and Business Administration
  • St. Augustine College in Computer Science and Business Administration
  • MacCormac College in Computer Science and Business Administration
  • Coyne College in Electronics Engineering
  • Taylor Business Institute in Computer Science, Electronics Engineering and Business Administration


East-West University transfer students share a love of learning, come from different backgrounds, and enjoy the many amenities of metropolitan Chicago.  


There are many things to consider when looking for the right university to complete your associate or bachelor's degree – accreditation, programs, financial aid, costs, and location.  Please visit us for an on-site tour.  Call 312-939-0111 to schedule a visit.


What our students say:

Ashley McDaniel, class of 2016

Throughout my life after high school, I have attended different schools in search for the one that was ideal for me. Transferring from Truman College to East-West University was one of the best moves I believe I have ever made for my future. From the time that I walked through the doors of East-West University up until now, I knew and still do know that I was and will continue to be in good hands.

The substantial amount of help and guidance that I receive from some of the professors and program directors at the university is what makes me feel at ease every day. My program director has assisted me from day one with classes and credits and really made sure that I was where I needed to be and is there whenever I need any help with things, even for tutoring. The classes that I’ve taken have been more than just something to do for an hour and fifty minutes; they have been experiences that I actually looked forward to being involved with every day. Being a Business major, I am taking classes that really give me the feel of how professional life after college would be and what to expect. Working on business plans with a team, writing professional memos, learning about intercultural communication - all of it relates to my field of study and each class has material that has stuck with me thanks to the instructors that have taught the subject in such a way that helped me retain the information. I plan receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from East-West University, and with the help from my professors, the advisors and even other students, I am eager to make that happen!


Octavia Yates, class of 2015

My experience at East-West University has been interesting. I graduated from Malcolm X College unsure of what to expect going forward with my education. One of the most amazing things that I have seen at East-West is the culture. It’s very strong and collective. Students help one another and everyone knows everyone. I was very fearful of my transition to this University, but now see that I am among those whom I trust and who are not out for their own self-interest.  Applying and acceptance to the University were as painless as possible. I was accepted immediately and given endless guidance. My counselors made that transition less stressful. It’s hard to find people---even in the administration---that are competent enough to understand what you’re going through. But at East-West you have more of those with you and equipped professionally to help you.

Change can be hard for anyone, but with the right support, anything can be done. I am a full-time student, full-time employee, and full-time single mom. My major is English and Communications and I love my department. One thing about East-West is it provides extensive flexibility for your schedule. Most Professors know their students personally and educationally, which is a major plus. It is a smaller University, which provides more hands on time with your professors, and that is a great advantage. Having professors who genuinely want to help and see you succeed effectively in your education is real love. In other schools I have had professors who did not understand that life does not stop just because I’m in their classroom; at East-West I find such understanding. This is another great point about being here.

This University has strengthened my skills; I feel extremely prepared for life after graduation, because my abilities have been enhanced. I am a better writer and am motivated to every extent. Without the help of the school I wouldn’t be less than 10,000 dollars in debt when I’m finished. I would not have had the will to continue after taking a quarter off. I wouldn’t have been on my toes with my assignments. Yet, I am still going to have the same skill set as my competitors from bigger colleges. In the spring of 2015 I will proudly walk across the stage and be confident in my abilities. East-West for people like me is the place to be.


Nour Karadsheh, Class of 2015 

As a transfer student, I did not expect how welcoming the school was when I walked through the doors of East-West University. I have made a lot of friends just by going to classes and I am learning new things every day from students and the faculty. Living on campus has got me to become closer to the school to be able to meet with the teachers anytime during the day when I needed the help.

East-West is a good school for English and Communication majors like me.  I have learned valuable literature. I have learned from the teachers who explain each reading in great detail, whether it is the study of language and how the mind works, or fictional stories by Edgar Allan Poe. I believe that going to class I have expanded my vocabulary just from the literature that I have been studying.

I did not expect how friendly and helpful the teachers are; they take the time to keep students motivated. The English department here at East-West has been so helpful with leading me into the right way to my future. I have had no trouble coming to my teachers at their office hours just to ask for help or ask a simple question. I think students at East-West are good willed, strong, and intelligent individuals that are capable of enduring any challenges that they may face.

I feel confident going to East-West to complete my Bachelor degree, not only because of the curriculum, but with opportunities that the school provides. I am on my way to take an internship course with the help of the faculty to get me to work with film production here in the Chicago area.

I strongly recommend East-West to build off for future success. I believe students can work their way to accomplish anything that they want to do with the right resources, dedication, and motivation to keep going to school. 


Transfer Credits Evaluation

Transfer credit is accepted from regionally accredited colleges and universities. Prospective and newly admitted students may receive unofficial guidance from an admission counselor regarding transfer credit that may be applied to a degree program upon admission to the university.

East-West University has a generous transfer credit policy and we would like students to receive the credit they deserve. The university accepts transcripts from all institutions attended regardless of when the credit/courses were completed.  All admitted transfer students have a full credit evaluation done by credit evaluator in the Registrar's Office; chairs of relevant academic departments will carefully review the transcripts to ensure that maximum credit is transfered. Copies of the evaluation are provided to the student and placed in the student’s permanent academic record.  

Please note: credit is not given for developmental, technical, college-level ELP, vocational, life experience, library use, orientation, study skills, career counseling, proficiency, or most physical education courses.

Financial Aid

The majority of East-West University undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid.  To apply for financial aid, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.


Institutional Academic Scholarships
Trustees’ Transfer Scholarships
Chancellor’s Transfer Scholarship
Transfer Merit Scholarship
Continuing Education Scholarship
Shared Opportunity Scholarship
Graduation Incentive Scholarship
Merit-5 Scholarships
Merit-3 Scholarships
EWU Scholarship
Provost Scholarship
Faculty Achievement Scholarship
Opportunity Grant



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