Honors Crest




The triangular shield design in the French fashion used in this crest is chiefly a stylistic choice, but also an appeal to past traditions of heraldry. The field is in white and blue colors which serve as key elements of the crest design. White symbolizes purity, truthfulness and loyalty; whereas blue stands for nobility, honesty, and virtue. The yellow cross-bar and pennant in the center denotes wisdom and honor. All of these attributes and qualities are present and cultivated within East West Honors students and therefore are fittingly present in the coat of arms.   

The symbols in the four partitions of the shield also hold distinct meanings. The lamp signifies the potential and desire for enlightenment. Coupled with the book these too symbols exemplify the passion for scholasticism and knowledge in Honors students.  The compass represents erudition, the ability to choose and if necessary forge a new path towards a bright future. The compass as a symbol also harkens back to the University’s name. Lastly, the drawn bow is the symbol for achievement and determination in the pursuit of all endeavors. Also it signifies that if the need arises an Honors student must be willing to stand up for their ideals and convictions and in the face of adversity. The owl, a universal symbol of wisdom presides at the center of the pennant. The East-West University Honors Program standard is accompanied by a ribbon below the crest inscribed with the Latin phrase: “SCIENTIA POTENTIA EST”   best translated as Knowledge is Power or In Knowledge Lies Power; a very fitting motto for Honors students.

26 May 2011

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