The mathematics department at East-West University is located in the offices of the full time math faculty, Dr. Supha, Mr. Miller, and Mr. Creel, on the second floor of the west building.  Alongside several qualified adjuncts, these professors teach classes to math students of all levels.  The department offers many courses in the service of two goals.  Firstly, the department meets the needs of the university curriculum by offering the required classes in the basics of mathematical reasoning, geometry, and algebra.  Secondly, the department offers classes in more advanced subjects to students who want to pursue a career in any technical or reasoning based field, such as science, engineering, computer science, finance, or accounting.  To facilitate both of these goals, free tutoring is available in the Student Learning Center in Room 501.

The math department employs an ever growing collection of technological and human resources to offer students a rich and dynamic mathematics learning experience.   The instructors are academic professionals who are well versed in the use of computers, calculators, and the latest internet based math instruction software.  Students leave these classes educated in both the abstract structure of mathematics and in the utility of these technologies, and in doing so they develop skills useful in both everyday thinking and a job market increasingly demanding technology savvy workers.





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