Program Objectives

The main objective of the Mathematics Department is to provide training to students as they pursue degrees in computer science, business, electronics and other academic fields so that they are prepared to move into the jobs of the future.

Courses are offered in both theoretical and applied mathematics to meet the needs of students from differing academic and professional areas. In the 21st century, as the country advances in its technology, the ability to perform mathematics is crucial to many professional and academic fields in the United States of America as:

· Specialized classes in Math prepare students who major in other disciplines to increase their effectiveness in their own particular fields
· A variety of basic level Mathematics courses support and reinforce students’ training in arithmetical and algebraic skills
· A variety of advanced Mathematics courses support and reinforce students’ training in trigonometric and calculus skills.
· A variety of applied and specialized Mathematics courses support and reinforce students’ training in statistical math, data analysis, and business math.
· Math courses prepare the student for a computer science-related career.
· Math courses prepare the student for an electronics engineering -related career.


Many career opportunities are available for graduates with a strong background in math. Employers find that the problem-solving skills and reasoning abilities that result from mathematical training are excellent qualifications for jobs in many areas. Private companies and government agencies use mathematical applications extensively for planning and research. Furthermore, all business transactions involve mathematics. These are just some of the jobs that a background in math will prepare you for.

· Architecture
· Actuarial Work
· Banking and Tax Analysis
· Computer Engineering
· Consulting
· Government Agencies
· Investment Analysis
· Management and Market
· Material and Inventory Control
· Math Teacher/Education
· Programming
· Statistics
· Stocks and Commodities trading
· Tax analysis




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