Area of Focused Interest Requires an Additional 20 Credit Hours
Course Requirements are: SC 313; SC 320; SC 424; SC 430; and SC 431

Links to sources for jobs, career options and graduate study are listed below:

Social work is a field that is devoted to help individuals improve the quality of their lives. Such persons might otherwise be experiencing a broad range of social and personal concerns. Such problems might involve social and economic issues, such as poverty and homelessness, or involve family issues such as parental and substance abuse, as well as caring for the elderly. Social workers can provide a variety of services directly to clients or helping extend administrative responsibilities which might involve planning, implementing and evaluating services, managing programs and developing intervention strategies for individuals, groups and/or organizations. Many social workers work within child and family service agencies, mental health facilities, and extend social and educational services within correctional and related facilities. 

A B.A. degree in social work is usually required for entry level positions, although an interdisciplinary major in the Behavioral & Social Sciences (BHS), as offered by the Department, is most times considered adequate. In addition to the interdisciplinary core requirement of 60 credit hours for the B.A. degree, BHS students who choose a minor field concentration in Social Work are required to complete an additional concentration of 24 credit hours. 

What Career Options are Available in Social Work ? 

A master’s degree in social work (MSW) is usually required for most positions in social work that involve possible clinical services. A MSW is also required for most supervisory and administrative positions. University level teaching typically requires a doctoral degree in social work. Social work has its own body of knowledge, professional standards and state licensing procedures. However, a B.A. in BHS with a minor field concentration in Social Work can help prepare students for entry level positions in such areas as:

Career Counselor
Child Welfare Worker
Community Affairs Specialist
Probation/Parole Officer
Human Resource Specialist
Guidance Counselor
School Social Worker
Youth Counselor
Nonprofit Agency Worker
Community Organizer
Public Welfare Case Worker

As mentioned earlier, such positions are available at the entry level with a B.A. in BHS and a minor field concentration in social work, but it is more difficult to advance in the field without pursuing graduate study. Therefore, the Department strongly encourages its graduates with interest in this area to maintain good grades and make early application to appropriate graduates schools. 

For those with interest in pursuing graduate study and furthering their professional preparation in this area, the following are examples of careers that might be pursued:

Mental Health & Clinical Social Work
Aging & Gerontology
Developmental Disabilities Specialist
Occupational Social Work
Health Care
International Social Work 
Management & Administration
Public Policy & Planning
Research & Demography

For those interested in obtaining more information concerning career possibilities, request the pamphlet “CHOICES: Careers in Social Work” which is developed by the 

National Association of Social Workers
750 First Street, NE , Suite 700
Washington, DC 20002

Or go online at for additional information about careers in social work.

Additional References would include:  

Those interested in graduate study contact: Council on Social Work Education

Those with BA who need information about the licensing, certification or registration requirements in different states should contact: Association of Social Work Boards, 400 South Ridge Parkway, Suite B, Culpepper, VA 22701 (703) 829-6880 or



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