Open Forum on Online Dating

On November 13, 2013 East-West students organized an open forum where they exchanged research and their views on online dating.  Moderated by Tiffany Shields and Ebony Williams, the debate covered goals, success rates, conventions and expectations of online dating.  Students exchanged scientific facts, statistics and personal stories.  The forum engaged students of all levels, particularly Juniors and Seniors.  The students thank their professors who teach Abnormal Psychology, Reproduction and Sexuality and Senior Seminar for allowing those classes to participate in this lively discussion.


Open forums in previous years included such subjects as religion and evolution, modern music, how we choose with whom to fall in love, right-brain and left-brain types of intelligence, key political issues in a presidential campaign.  In the Spring quarter of 2013 English and Humanities students joined forces with the Biology Department and organized an Open Forum where they exchanged researched information about the influence of social media and digital technology on romantic relationships.  The classes Human Anatomy and Physiology, Senior Seminar and Signature Course participated, with two senior students acting as emcees.  The next forum is being planned for the Winter quarter, to focus on the role of higher education.

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