Jesse Diaz of Dark Matter Coffee to Speak April 16

Jesse Diaz

Chicago Coffee Entrepreneur Jessie Diaz Comes to East-West

The East-West Perspectives lecture series presents Jessie Diaz of Dark Matter Coffee and Star Lounge, speaking about the politics, both local and international, of the modern coffee business.

Diaz, founder of Star Lounge and Dark Matter, has built a small but growing coffee empire on passion, community, and experimentation.

Diaz's innovative business model and unique philosophy should make for an interesting talk. Bored with latte art and competitive coffee in general, he travels through the world’s coffee growing regions, looking to paint his local-global philosophy on a real life canvas.

HOW: DMC was initially created to provide coffee to Star Lounge, but quickly ripened into a micro-roasting powerhouse, providing coffee to some of the city’s best restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores. DMC has grown exponentially in the last few years through experiments in Barrel aging, atypical collaborations, distinctive roasting philosophy and unique packaging.

WHEN: 5:30 p.m.-7 p.m., Wednesday, April 16. Reception begins at 5:30. Talk begins at 6.


WHERE: East-West University's new Riaz H. Waraich Auditorium. Fourth floor -- 829 S. Michigan Ave -- Chicago, IL 60605.

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