In the summer the English and Communications Program is offering classes that are both fun and analytical – they allow us to look at what draws us to stories, and are a great elective opportunity for any major.


In The Role of Romance in Literature (MW 3 p.m.) you will discuss two light-hearted romantic comedies with your classmates.  You will also discuss a variety of movies, from classic black and white to recent offerings.  Some will be light, some serious; all of them will be delightful.  We will finish with one of Shakespeare’s most wonderful comedies, played by some of the world’s best actors.


In Narrative and Horror (TR 3 p.m.)you will read and see a number of scary stories, full of witches, demons, and psychos.  Our questions will be what makes something monstrous, why does it appeal to us, and what is its social role?


These courses will increase your reading, writing, and analytic skills.  Both will examine what makes a story a certain kind of story.  How do stories build up expectations?  How do they surprise and shock us?  How do we judge if they are successful or not?


Registration for summer classes begins on May 5.  Please see your advisor to secure a spot!

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