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This help documentation is designed to assist you with the customisation of your script. Firstly though thank you for purchasing Direct Me - we think it's a pretty nice idea and we hope you'll enjoy using it and find it useful too. Please take the time to quickly consult this documentation if you have any queries.

Author: gostart
Version: v1.0 updated 29/12/2009 (dd/mm/yyyy)


1. File Structure
2. Customisation Steps [important]
3. Help/Support


This template includes the following template files: index.html (demo usage file), map.html (script file) and submit.php (database and CSV logging file).

Direct Me includes the Fancybox jquery plugin and helps you customise the interaction with Google Maps for your website.


The code has been commented to ensure that it's relatively easy to find the parts that you may wish to edit. For example the code below is from map.html...

The following section advises you of the edits you will need to make to customise the script for your website.


To set up the script to work on your website, there are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Open the map.php file. Firstly generate the latitude and longitude values for the appropriate location via and replace those we have placed in the script in the "point" (line 16) variable as a demo. Secondly, place the address to your location in the "end" variable (line 19).
    OPTIONAL: give the "title", "icon", "content" & "address" (lines 39, 40, 44 & 113) slightly lower in the file values. The title will be the text displayed to a user when they hover over the business location. The icon can be replaced with a small picture file to replace the standard Google maps pointer and may contain your company logo/name etc. The content information is displayed when a user clicks on the location pointer and can be a small description of the business, or contain your exact address etc. The address is what will be shown to users who do not have javascript enabled.
  2. Open the index.html file. Copy all of the files contents and place it within your site, this will create a link to the directions script.
  3. If you wish to store your user's locations in a database create a MySQL database and then open the sql.txt file and Import it into a database using phpmyadmin, or your relevant database interface.
    If you do not wish to store using a database change line 3 of submit.php to $store = 1;
  4. Open the submit.php file and choose how you are going to store the data recieved. If you choose to store in a database, fill out the host, user, password and database name information in the appropriate spots to allow a connection with the database to be established when the script runs. Once complete save the file.
  5. Finally, upload the folder to your website!
By logging the entries into a database or CSV file you will be able to export the locations where users are requesting directions from and help map out a demographic of your clientele.

3 - Help!

Still stuck? Feel like it's all impossible? Email us. We're here to help and for most requests can provide a helping hand at no charge whatsoever (though we're not going to build your website!). You can email us directly or you can just click this little button on our profile page: